“I have taken a new perspective on life”. – Isobel Andrews

The North Lincolnshire Youth Council is a group of young adults who talk about the things that matter to them. To be a part of this group of people is an amazing experience. Being able to have an impact on local communities and to know that the decisions that you have been a part of to change lives, is a great feeling.

I first discovered and joined the youth council when I stood in the 2017 Youth Elections. At first I was a bit unsure, but after the first meeting I found out that it was a group where people’s opinions can be heard and acted upon; a group that helps the people of North Lincolnshire.

The Youth Council has made me more outgoing, more politically knowledgeable and more confident in public speaking.If I had not joined this amazing group a part of me would be missing, since I have forged bonds with fellow members and have developed key life skills. I have taken a new perspective on life, looking at tasks from a different viewpoint and just thinking about people in different walks of life and how they might go through their day differently to me.

The North Lincolnshire Youth Council has changed me in many different ways – without it I would not be fully me and for this I am thankful.




“I made friendships that will last a lifetime”. – Kian

The Duke of Edinburgh’s award is an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn new skills, meet different people and just have some fun! I’ve really enjoyed doing my DofE as it has helped me to develop my skills across all of the four different sections of the award: skills, physical, volunteering and expedition. Each of the sections focuses on a different area, whether it’s developing your skills; becoming healthier and more active or helping other people in your community.

Although, the most memorable part of DofE for me was the expeditions, as not only were they eye-opening experiences, but also fun yet challenging expeditions where I made friendships that will last a lifetime.

The DofE award has been very useful to me for when I had to do things like my college application as I could write about everything I have done whilst doing my DofE, from things like first aid and fundraising for charity to the skills I’ve developed that are applicable in everyday life like teamwork, communication, perseverance and many more.

I hope anyone who reads this will choose to do DofE like I did, as it is one of the most useful and rewarding things that I have done, and it has given me skills and memories that will last forever.


“I believe I would not be the person I am today without Youth Council”. – Charlotte Williams

When I first started youth council it was during the election period when I was in the running for the young mayor of North Lincolnshire. I very much enjoyed the whole process and though I wasn’t successful I was happy that Cameron got elected and we have since gone on to become very good friends.

After the election I was very worried about coming back to the Youth Council and thought I would be looked at differently, but as soon as I came back everybody was very welcoming and congratulated all the candidates on their hard work campaigning. I was very quiet initially when I joined the group but put myself forward for a weekend trip away to help work on advertising and campaigning for our youth council in North Lincolnshire.

This for me was a real turning point and I became very good friends with many people in the Youth Council and from the surrounding area and had a great time.

When I came back from the trip I found it easier to talk to people and I started to want to get more involved in the campaigns being run. That’s when I found that there was a new campaign involving trying to help lift the stereotype on disabled people. It was something I am extremely passionate about – since I started playing sport with disabled people.

This campaign and the Youth Council has given me more confidence to speak about issues regarding stereotypes on disabled people and the chance to truly make a difference to my community. Overall I believe I would not be the person I am today without Youth Council and all the lovely, friendly people involved.


“I genuinely believe our voices are heard”. – Erin Nicolson

I’ve been a member of North Lincolnshire Youth Council for around one year and a half. Having been at quite a few meetings, I can say that no two have been similar! Topics discussed are very varied so people like me are always kept engaged. I genuinely believe our voices are heard in shaping our local area; in the way we want it!

Seeing a difference truly makes you feel like you are really changing things and that your views are not being ignored. While this is very fulfilling there is also a very vibrant social aspect. I’ve spoken to, worked with and made friends with a wide range of people I would have not met otherwise.

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